所属分类: 通用门式起重机

产品描述: 产品简介: L型电动葫芦门式起重机主要由门架,起重小车,大车运行机构,司机室和电气控制系统组成。门架为箱形结构,起重量20吨以下时小车采用垂直反滚轮式,大于20吨时小车采用水平反滚轮式,在主梁一侧运行。主梁采用单梁偏轨形式,支腿为L形,调运空间大,过跨能力强,便于将物件从跨内运到悬臂下。操


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L type electric hoist gantry crane is mainly composed of the door frame, lifting trolley, cart running mechanism, of cab and electrical control system. 

Door frame to the box structure, lifting weight 20 tons of the following car will use the vertical roller, more than 20 tons car adopts horizontal roller, at the side of the main girder.Main girder form by single beam and rail, leg as L, dispatching space is large, across the ability strong, easy to transported objects from across the cantilever. 

Operating mode adopts closed cab with adjustable seat, floor laid insulation pad, glass USES toughened glass, with a fire extinguisher, electric fan, can according to customer's demand of air conditioning, acoustic, intercom and other ancillary equipment.